Mai Chau Valley – Northern Vietnam

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You don’t have weeks to travel Vietnam to the remote mountainous areas to see the real Vietnam with the imposing mountain passes, hill tribes and rice paddies…Do not be worry, just take two day motorbike tour to Mai Chau from Hanoi then you will have concept of what the hidden charm of Vietnam is.


Mai Chau valley is a rural district of Hoa Binh province in the northwestern region of Vietnam. The scenery, lovely people and the great local food of Mai Chau attract more and more tourists. Its population of nearly 56.000 (year 2009) with a mixture between The Muong and The Thai people who mostly live in the wooden houses on the stilts make Mai Chau become a beautiful land with rich culture.


It is also famous for its stilt houses – the type of houses which is constructed from bamboo and timber. The houses are about 2 meters off the ground in order to avoid water damage and shelter animals. Most of foreign and domestic tourists who come to Mai Chau choose to do home stay with the local. That the best way to experience the culture and the hidden charm of Mai Chau.


How to get to Mai Chau? There are 3 different roads to the valley. Most of non-adventure tourists take a bus tour then drive straight from Hanoi on the big and busy highway No 6. It takes just about 3.5 hours from Hanoi city center; however you can just follow Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert, we will show you Mai Chau with our way. we will take you there by smaller roads, a bit longer such as: the very old roads built by the French, the Ho Chi Minh trail… but you will get chances to see more interesting things about countryside of Vietnam, get away from tourists and have concept what the Real Vietnam is.


We organize 2,3 or 4 day motorbike tour from Hanoi to Mai Chau or just take one of our North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour collection you will have chances to see Mai Chau because most of our motorcycle tours in Northern Vietnam run through this great valley of Mai Chau.