Where To Stay?

After a long riding day with a lot of activities, We know a comfortable place to rest overnight is a special concern. A relaxed and enlyable accommodation is not only to state the quality of the tour but also to get the energy back for the possibly hard riding days after.

We can say Vietnam tourism has been developing so well so please do not worried about the accommodations when on tours in Vietnam. We can easily find and stay in a 3 to 5 star hotels in the big cities or touristic areas.

However, the motorcycle tours of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert are almost to remote regions where accommodations are not like other big towns, so we’ll stay mostly at the standard hotels or home-stay. But don’t worry, they’re surely safe and the equipment is comfortable enough for you:



Most of the towns we stay during the tour are pretty small where there may be only one or few little basic hotels; however, they have will have most of standard equipment for you to have a safe and comfortable stay such as soft mats, blankets, mosquito nets, Air-conditioning, clean toilets… and free wifi. We sometimes tour through some big cities/touristy areas and we can have better choices to stay in a better 3 or 4 star hotels.



Staying with the local family,cooking and having meals with them and sleep in their houses is a special experience which includes in all of our tours. All the families we choose to stay with have special permits from the local government so they’re certificated and they all have nice houses on stilts. Below is the equipment you can expect to have at the home-stay: private mats, blankets, mosquito nets, fans, clean toilets…and great view and peaceful atmosphere.

What for Food?

We would like to say food on the tours is one of the most important reasons to make our clients come back for more.

We serve almost local Vietnamese food on the tour. Generally, Vietnamese food is light but it’s surely not boring and so healthy. We can be sure all food is fresh with a lot of vegetable. We sometimes choose a basic roadside restaurant for meals but food is always fresh and plenty to choose. Such as famous PHO (rice noodle soup), BUN CHA (special noodle with grilled pork), NEM (Spring rolls)…The local people have different methods to cook so we can be sure you can have different food for each meals during the long motorcycle tours in Vietnam.